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Designer: Prerna Sharma

Description: Experience the phenomenon of being starstruck by your own reflection with STARSHOCK.

A mirror does not need to be purely utilitarian. Immerse yourself in the intersection of art and functionality, where STARSHOCK illuminates your reflection by adding a touch of enchantment to your everyday.

Date: 2023

Dimensions: 26” x 13.5“ x 0.75”

Materials: Acrylic

Price: $300

STARSHOCK was designed to be part of MIGHT DELETE: Share the Reflected Narrative, a design show I helped co-curate for the American Design Club as part of NYCxDesign Week in May 2023.


Since this show was about a bridge between the digital world and reality, I wanted to create this mirror using all digital tools. I played around with different shapes that resemble a flash or sparkle in Illustrator and then laser-cut and assembled my mirror.

Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 3.55.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 3.55.26 PM.png
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