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Earth / Wind / Fire

Earth, Wind, and Fire is a set of Arduino-powered fairy wings which were designed to be worn in the New York City Halloween Parade, 2022.

The project was a collaboration with Cyntia Abarca (Earth) and Sama Srinivas (Wind). My element is Fire.

Team Fairy crafted the iridescent LED light-up wings from scratch that symbolize the elemental forces of earth, wind, and fire.
Each member chose a distinctive color palette that reflected their elemental theme, which is visible through the wings' colors, the LED strips' coding, and the overall costume design.

The wings are operated using a powerbank which allowed for ease of transportation and movement through the parade.

  1. Designing the wings

  2. Coding

  3.  Soldering

  4. Testing

  5. Reinforcing

  6. Attaching LED strips to wings

  7. Adding iridescent film

  8. Making straps

  9. Finding pieces for the rest of the costume

  10. Walking the parade!


Designing the wings

IMG_8842 2_edited.jpg

Coding the LED strips using Arduino Gemma

Soldering & Testing

wings code test.gif
IMG_9339 2.jpg

Reinforcing wings with wire and tape for strength.
Attaching LED strips to wings (cable management is key).

Attaching iridescent film using spray adhesive

Completing the costume and walking the parade!

IMG_9340 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 9.31.18 PM.png
IMG_9197 (1).gif


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